Thursday, 17 January 2008


I do not have much love for local mainstream newspapers. Personally, I find it very difficult for me to find reasons to read their contents. There are however, two exceptions: Scott Adams' Dilbert and Azmi Sharom's Brave New World.

Both authors have much in common. They are fun, witty, intelligent and insightful. And it is difficult not to like their works.

Scott, a celebrity cartoonist, has a website that archives all his comic, a wonderful personal blog which is updated daily (almost) and many top-selling published books. It is impossible to run out of Dilbert's references.

Azmi, a brilliant law professor, only has a pretty depressingly designed webpage dedicated for his Brave New World pieces. The worst part of this is that page only saves nine of his latest columns. Every fortnight, an insightful (and fun to read) piece of commentary on the state of our nation is lost forever in some obscure cache of the vast cyber-space.

This doesn't have to be so. So I decided to start this blog as a means to archive all of Azmi's Brave New World articles (as well as his other public writings) that I could find. For the next couple of weeks, I will post his older works here, one article a day. Subsequently, I will post his new pieces here whenever they are made available. I will also improve on the design and contents of this blog in the future when I have more time.

For now, I hope you will enjoy reading his writings as much as I do.



Harrison bin Hansome said...

Malaysia press-"One party press in a multy-party country"

I started a blog way back in 2005, hate to rehash old matters.

Harrison bin Hansome said...


U minda obliterate the "thrash" u created to insult me?

amirulhafidz said...

I was looking for the the archive of Azmi Sharom's column when I came across this blog.

Like you, I found it rather difficult to have any interest in reading our mainstream newspapers, but Azmi Sharom's column is one of a very few exceptions.

Thanks for this noble effort of yours. I will certainly get back here every now and again and try to read every piece of his work.

Daviddass said...

Dear Azmi,

I read your piece on the Cow Demonstration. It was as usual blunt and effective. Something has gone wrong with us. I do not recognise the behaviour of the demonstrators.There has been a pattern emerging of late. Of actions designed to be provocative. It is as if the minds behind such acts want a reaction. And reaction will provoke further reaction and then - all hell will break loose. But it is clear that it is not working. The Majority although silent are not taking the bait. There is wisdom and restraint. But there must be more voices loudly articulating a contrary view. Yours is one such voice. I salute you.

With best wishes,

David Dass