Monday, 1 March 2010



As you may know, this blog was kindly set up by Elanor to compile the stuff I write (mainly for the Star). I have recently learnt how to use this new fangled thing called "blog" and now I post the articles myself, saving Elanor the tedium of doing so.

However, this is not really what you would call a real blog in that I don't interact on it. All this time, I just thought it was a handy archive type thing and a convenient place to direct imsomniacs to help them sleep.

But, recently I noticed that people actually read the damned thing and also take the time to comment. I would just like to say here that I am grateful, very grateful, to all of you and I would like to thank you. I may not reply to the comments but rest assured they are all read, considered and enjoyed. Yes, even the "direct selling" ones!




aceofspade said...

Thank you too for making an effort to publish your thoughts here. Will be following closely.

gonjeng said...

Have been following your column in star. Though-provoking yet gentle. Our Perkasa friends can learn a thing or two about getting their message across. Excited about the next Liverpool-Spurs EPL match

Kajanisme said...

Prof Bro..

You were once my lecturer for CyberLaw in UM way back in 2000.. you are one cool prof.. with your long rocking locks! Can't believe UM was able to tolerate a rock-star lecturer.. by the way, I kept long hair during those days too..

I was behind standing you too, on 16th September 2008, during PR Rally at MBPJ Stadium.. but.. you were too caught up talking with your friends.. I should have at least greet you..

I keep up with your writings.. I enjoyed it, and I do hope more Malays would be more open-minded, and progressive like you..

Cheers and regards.