Friday, 12 October 2012

Can bully boy tactics win?

Going The Distance (Selangor Times)
12 October 2012


Oh what a glorious night! Twenty-three years of humiliation, with nothing but self-deprecating humour to comfort oneself, finally laid to rest on that one glorious night.

I am talking of course about last Sunday (Sept 30) when Tottenham Hotspur finally defeated Manchester United in a League game at Old Trafford.

Needless to say, being a Spurs man for over 30 years, I am experienced enough to know these moments can soon be overshadowed by an awful performance against some “smaller” team.

However, for the moment, allow me to crow! After all, we had to endure so much. For example, Pedro Mendes’ almost winning goal against them which was disallowed as having not crossed the line in 2005; even though it was at least a metre in the goal. Or the time we led by two at half-time, only for them to put in five after the break.

How the unwashed hordes in red taunted us. Even last Sunday, they thought that history was going to repeat itself.

Two-nil up and I was receiving texts telling me to brace myself for there will be another astounding comeback. And they almost did. They battered us black and blue in the second half but we held on.

The place I was watching the game (a Spurs haunt) was filled with grown men in lily white cowering behind walls and chewing fingernails bloody, as we counted the seconds. But the elation at the final whistle; oh the joy as “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspurs” (a song they stole from us incidentally) rang around the place… unforgettable!

After the chanting and dancing ended and I was driving home alone, I wondered if such an unlikely victory can occur against the ruling party in the next general election.

After all, the similarities between Manchester United and the BN are numerous.

They are both used to winning to the point that they feel it is their god given right. Referees are always thought to be on their side.

On the rare occasion that they do lose it is everybody’s fault except their own. The press is cowed by them….the list goes on.

Of course I am being facetious; who knows what’s going to happen at GE13?

However, the constant speculation of the past year is positively irritating.

Why we can’t simply have a set election time is beyond me. Then we won’t have ridiculous scenes where the Opposition are pointing out what is clearly an election budget as being an election budget and the government vehemently disputing something which is as obvious as Khir Toyo’s makeover.

So, with the budget being what it is, elections are surely just around the corner right? Perhaps, but if they are, then why is the government doing so many silly things?

Attacking Suaram for a few supposed accounting oddities looks very much like selective prosecution. Having a mega feast for a chief minster’s son during a time when people are expected to be frugal and careful seems a bit rich and cocky. Going on a witch hunt against NGOs based on some laughable excuse that they are insidious foreign agents sounds like desperation to me. And harassing Bersih leaders at immigration looks like good old-fashioned malice.

All these things (and this is within a space of a couple of weeks) does not make any sense to me.

Do those in power actually believe this is going to help them? Hardcore BN supporters will vote for them regardless and the converse will go for those who are staunchly opposition.

But do they honestly think that the fence sitters are going to be wooed by these bully boy tactics and wildly flimsy accusations?

It is all beyond me and in a way I am thankful that I can’t put myself in their heads.

Obviously what goes on in there is just too strange for me to comprehend.

It is better to just sit back and watch what will happen; rather like watching Alex Ferguson putting on an aged team against a young squad with wings on their heels.

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