Tuesday, 20 August 2013

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Thank heavens the football is back! For three months it was like I was living in a world ripped away from the normal space time continuum. Time travelled so slowly that the most banal news of my beloved Spurs was pored over just to get the slightest “fix” while waiting for the season to start. Incidentally, any praise I may have for the British “serious” press in the future will be with this caveat; I do not include the football press. They have spun the Gareth Bale to Real Madrid saga to an inch of its life with repetitive stories often based on nothing but gossip and rumour. Shocking!
What else was shocking are the facts that Spurs won their opening match away from home (a rare occurrence believe me) and with a penalty (something we did not get for the entire 2012/2013 season). However, less surprising is that the Manchester clubs have both gone and made a fantastic start and both look good for the title.
Considering the talent in both their squads and (for the red half of the city at least) pedigree, I don’t know why I thought that they would be stumbling for a bit under new managers. It really was disingenuous of me to think that way and to be surprised when they look nothing but assured and strong.
Just as it is disingenuous for pro BN critics of Nazri Aziz to harp on about the appointment of the Minister’s son to a position in the Ministry. Actually I am not sure what position the boy holds, it is all very vague; is it in the Ministry or is it as a worker for Nazri the politician. That to me is the real issue; if he is working for the Ministry then one has to question his qualifications to do so. If he is working for Nazri in his role as politician, then the MP can hire a chimpanzee if that is what he wants. Also it has to be clear as to who is paying the young whippersnapper, Daddy or the tax payer? If it is Daddy, then I guess paternal instincts may have overridden good sense and I really don’t see what the fuss is about.
Be that as it may, one has to question Nazri’s judgment on this. The boy has more baggage then a First Lady’s shopping trip, I am sure I won’t be hiring him in any capacity. Plus it looks, sounds, tastes and smells like nepotism, and that is because it is. And of course nepotism in any shape or form is rather distasteful, unless the recipient is very, very good at what he does. Not quite sure what Nazri junior is good at; apart from sucking on cigars and driving fancy cars, but I am sure his Daddy knows his strengths and talents.
However, back to my initial point; why are pro BN fellows up in arms over this issue? One would have thought that they, of all people would be used to nepotism amongst their leaders. If they can get their collective knickers in a twist about this little thing, then surely those self-same knickers should have reached the tangled heights of the Gordian knot when considering all those children of Ministers who seem miraculously blessed with such acute business sense that they head multi-million dollar companies and through some amazing coincidence obtain multi-million dollar government contracts.
Don’t they want to question just what is in the water at Putrajaya to make ministers spawn such brilliant and successful entrepreneurs? In the larger scale of things, isn’t that a more questionable thing?

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