Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Joshua Wong...Super Villain!

Sin Chew Jit Poh
3 June 2015
Joshua Wong…what a superman!


You wouldn’t think it just by looking at him. If you don’t happen to know who this person is (and you would be in good company because Khairy Jamaluddin claims to be ignorant about this young man’s identity); just google him.


Look for his image and you will be faced with the skinniest, nerdiest, 18 year old you are ever likely to see. With his spectacles and bowl haircut, one would expect to see this young man moving from school to tuition centre and then home for more study seven days a week.


But no, he is one of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. The “Umbrella Revolution” where thousands of mainly young people took to the streets of Hong Kong to demand greater democracy was a worldwide news item and Wong was at the forefront of that. This little chap even made the cover of Time magazine (obviously a publication not on the Minister of Youth and Sport’s reading list).


Well, this young man has been barred from entering Malaysia. He was due to speak at a forum but was stopped at the airport and sent home. The reasons given as to why he was sent packing is what amazed me. This fellow has been described in such a way that he is like a super villain or something.


The Minister for Home Affairs, Zahid Hamidi, called him a threat to national security. Really? He threatens our national security? How?


Maybe it’s because he calls for human rights and democracy. I guess that makes human rights and democracy a threat to national security. I always thought that national security threats would be things like terrorism and stuff like that. It never occurred to me that democracy is a threat.


But that is not all this Joshua chap is; according to the IGP, he is a danger to our relationship with China. Oh yes, China doesn’t like democracy, Joshua does, and by allowing him in to this country China will be so angry at us that they will do something bad to us I guess. Maybe they will stop sending their reflexologists to out foot massage shops.


Who would have thought that the UMNO led government and their agents would be so very concerned about the feelings of the Chinese? Oh, but I suppose this is China Chinese not Malaysian Chinese. Only the feelings of China Chinese need to be considered.


But that’s not all that Joshua is. He is also, according to that oh so rational organisation, ISMA, a Christian agent. Yes, you heard me right; they called him a Christian agent because he is openly a Christian. Just what he is supposed to be an agent for I don’t know. But I suppose in ISMA’s brain by virtue of being Christian you must be up to no good. Maybe Joshua will be so appealing to young people like him that thousands of nerdy skinny, be-spectacled Muslims kids will convert to Christianity.


If Joshua Wong reads this (which I doubt) I would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavours. I hope that his and his fellow Hong Kong citizens’ efforts will bear the fruit of freedom and democracy. I wish also to tell him that not all Malaysians are idiotic paranoids. But unfortunately, we are not the ones in power.


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